Explore Northstar's Enrichment Classes

We are currently enrolling for semester long, weekly enrichment classes, where children ages 5-7 can explore the joys and benefits of learning about chess and art! Classes are open to all and not limited to currently enrolled students.

Play Chess!

Come hear about the amazing stories of King Chomper's kingdom, where his children (THE PAWNS), Clip and Clop (two horses), Bee and Bop (the bishops), and many more characters battle against King Shaky's kingdom. Northstar has partnered with Chess At Three, and by using their wonderful curriculum and embracing the gift of storytelling, we want to help children learn AND love the game of chess. Playing chess has been proven to positively impact academic performance, increase IQs, advances mathematics, hones verbal skills, sharpens critical thinking, boots emotional intelligence, and instills confidence at a young age.


Make Art!

Enrich your child’s primary educational experience by helping them discover and create beautiful pieces of art from the most influential artistic movements in history, including the Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism, and more! Children are introduced to concepts in art history, art production, and art appreciation in an accessible and age-appropriate format. Each lesson incorporates a Master work of art while emphasizing skill development, proper use of materials and fine art vocabulary acquisition. Children work with a variety of new media (paint, pastel and ink) and methods to develop craftsmanship and joy in making art. 

2ND SEMESTER PACKAGE: Chess Level 2 AND Art Foundations for Mini Masters

WHEN: Every Wednesday from 1-3pm, (January 10th - May 23rd) 

WHERE: Northstar Classical School 103 McKnight Drive Middletown, OH 45044

COST: $200 for both AMAZING classes 

***Classes sizes will be limited to 10 per class***

Please call 513-318-8823 or email info@northstarclassical.com with questions.