Latin - Docere, Delectare, Movere

The study of Latin is the core of a classical education. Latin begins in second grade and continues every year, culminating in the translation of Latin literature in grades 9-12. The Latin Curriculum follows a traditional scope and sequence; consistent with the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of the trivium:

Grades 2-6  focus on the memorization of the Latin grammar by the traditional method of oral recitation and form drills.

Grades 7-8 focus on the study of syntax and translation skills using Lingua AngelicaHenle Iand the Gospel of Mark.

Grades 9-12 read Latin literature – Ovid, Caesar, Cicero, Vergil, and Medieval Latin.

Memorizing the Latin grammar is a great challenge and thrill for students. The mastery of the grammar greatly enhances English language skills and builds the kind of confidence that comes only from great achievement. Latin develops the mind of the young student like no other subject. There is no substitute for the mental development provided by the study of the Latin grammar.

Prior to the 20th century, it was the norm for students to achieve mastery of the Latin grammar before high school.