Education - What's the Right Fit for Your Child?


By Wes Brooks, NCS Board Member

As parents, one of the most important and consequential decisions we make is how to educate our children. This decision can be overwhelming and burdensome because, like most important choices we make, there are many factors to consider. And even when we do commit to an option, it is easy to doubt and second guess our choice. So, in order to help you decide if Northstar Classical School might be a good fit for you family, we have borrowed a few questions from Sarah Breetzke, the head of school at Trinity Classical Academy, to help you explore whether your beliefs about education align with the type of education we provide. These questions focus on the fundamental purposes of education and are not specific to any one school. Consider which answers best reflect your own thoughts about education.

1. What is the primary purpose of my child's education?

a) Skills and a degree that prepare them to succeed in the job market: it is a means to an end.

b) Love for God and His creation that naturally tend to wisdom and excellence in all of life.

2. Who is primarily responsible for the education of my child?

a) The state, acting through the public education system.

b) Parents, using educational experts and resources as support.

3. What should my child's education train them to do?

a) Education should train children to effectively use skills and technology to forge their way in the world.

b) Education should equip children with God-given knowledge they can use to create beauty and perpetuate Truth in the world.

4. Which of the following is true about a child's educational experience?

a) Education should be entertaining so that children can enjoy their childhood.

b) Education is a joy unto itself for the child who is taught to love learning.

5. What is true of the information I want my children to learn?

a) Because the world has no Creator and no meaning, knowledge is made up of disconnected subjects that serve as a path to get somewhere in life.

b) Because God created the world, all knowledge of His creation is connected, inspiring delight, wisdom, and worship.

6. How permanent are Truth and virtue?

a) They are always changing as society progresses, and our educational ideals must progress with them.

b) They are rooted in a God who doesn't change. Therefore, educational ideals are also objective and unchanging.

If you answered (b) to any of the above questions, you are, likely, a great fit for Northstar Classical School! We encourage you to attend our next Open House on February 5th to engage with teachers and explore classrooms and curriculum. Register for the Open House here. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to email us at or visit