...Education is not primarily a heady project concerned with providing information, rather, education is most fundamentally a matter of formation, a task of shaping and creating a certain kind of people. What makes them a distinctive kind of people is what they love or desire — what they envision as “the good life” or the ideal picture of human flourishing.
— Dr. James K.A. Smith

Our Culture

At Northstar, we highly value the importance of family. Our curriculum, school schedule, and even school activities are planned to ensure that parents have a primary role in their child's education. One way we do this is by providing a four day school week (or less for Jr. K - 2nd grades) so that students are given more time to spend in the loving care of their families and so that parents have more time to guide and counsel their children as they mature into adulthood. Also, parents can be involved in our school day by participating in activities such as read-alouds and crafts and by attending school programs and events. When school is not in session, school work will be sent home so that parents are able to engage in academic activities with their children and be involved in what their children are learning at school. School activities and extracurriculars are also planned to ensure that families can be involved in the learning. The more the entire family is invested in our combined mission, the more successful we will be at fulfilling our goal of growing students in knowledge, wisdom, and the love of Our Lord.