See what parents are saying about Northstar Classical School!

The 2nd week of Kindergarden, our son came home energetically informing us about Da Vinci’s life & work. Such is the caliber of classical education found here. He’s memorizing scripture, praying and serving. Such is the formative Christian education here. Our son is being shaped and formed excellently. We highly recommend NCS!
Everything about this school, from the Classical philosophy of education to the beauty in which it is manifested, is rooted in excellence in its grandest form. The founders and staff leave quite an impression and have a remarkably well rounded and cultured background, as well as years of experience in the fields of education and development in the public school system. What strikes me most, though, is the authenticity found in the nurturing of their students and desire to come alongside parents in equipping their children with a lifelong foundation for learning and a solid Christian Worldview.
Northstar Classical has been such a blessing to our family. The amount of confidence and knowledge our daughter gained through junior kindergarten was remarkable. The staff continues to go above and beyond to nurture students as a whole person, not just a number. I have an education background and couldn’t recommend Northstar enough. We are looking forward to kindergarten this year!
We love classical education. Northstar has a wonderful curriculum that is focused on Christ centered education with a focus of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Our sons are so happy. We feel like this is home.